Tractor mad summer.

This summer saw some unusually good weather resulting in more hay than normal being made, and silage going in near ideal conditions! While this great weather is appreciated by all in the farming and contracting business, it is not without its dangers. I have heard of more than a few cases of machines going on fire due i suspect to the dry matter of the grass being harvested along with the heat of the machines.
One local contracting firm, “Duffy Bros” had an 04 New Holland Fx 50 self-propelled harvester go up in flames while hard at work. Any attempts to extinguish the fire were in vain as the inferno totally destroyed the machine. I have since heard that they have purchased a very respectable Claas 870 speedstar. Not a bad upgrade!
This summer also turned out to be an unfortunate one for another local silage contractor, Ryan Quigley. After finishing for the night, Ryan left his Johndeere 6710 self-propelled harvester on the farm to start again in the morning.  Shortly after starting the machine that morning the engine ceased! Upon removal of the sump it became clear that someone had filled the sump with sand!

Agricultural contracting is surely a competitive game due to the number of fleets on the road and the short seasons due to the high output of these fleets, but surely that is not the way to go!


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